What began with a brief to design a few wine labels has matured into a client relationship lasting more than ten years.
Originally a boutique vineyard, Provenance Wines in Geelong now boasts a cellar door and an events venue that hosts special evenings for wine aficionados and intimate musical performances. They have also become a sought-after location for private functions, especially weddings.
Provenance Wines are for special occasions. Their overall branding – as their name implies – pays homage to respected European vineyards built on tradition. The elegant and sophisticated wine labels I designed feature an embossed, textured pattern which adds a modern touch and speaks to the vintage’s quality and market placement.
I prepared brochures and social media materials to advertise Provenance Wines’ wedding packages by pairing soft shades of pink and graceful typefaces to evoke feelings of love, serenity, and wedded bliss.
The collateral Provenance uses to promote events features more contemporary design styles. I explored various colour palettes and layouts to individually tailor the designs for each performance and onetime evening. ​​​​​​​
I’m most proud of the imagery I produced for the ‘Savour’ series of seasonal varietal celebrations. The colourful illustrations informed customers, set their expectations, and drew additional attention to each of the four weekends, making them resounding successes.
Photography by © Shannyn Higgins 2021
@shannynhiggins  shannynhiggins.com
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