I’m a visual storyteller, specialising in personality-driven
graphic design and hand-drawn illustration.
 My expertise covers:
Visual Identity Design
I create visual identities that stand out and convey meaning.
A visual identity distinguishes a business or brand from its competitors
and puts it ahead of the pack. Along with informing prospective customers
about what a business does and stands for, the elements of a visual identity
convey a brand’s personality.
I offer:
Logo Design
Wordmark (Logotype) Design
Complementary Graphics
(including icons, patterns, colour palette, typography family)
Brand Story
Visual Style Guidelines
(AKA Visual Style Guide)
Email Signatures
I reinvigorate visual identity to bring it up to date with current trends and tastes
by either refreshing existing collateral or by giving it a full makeover and
reinventing it with brand new, ballsy (or not) versions of all the above items.
Creative Print Collateral
In a world full of screens displaying huge amounts of digital content, print has a new lease on life because it’s tangible, has a nostalgic feel, and captures attention.
(business cards, letterhead, with compliments, envelopes, stickers)
Booklets and Flyers
Postcards and Gift Cards
Press Advertisements
Creative Digital Collateral

These essentials ensure your brand looks cohesive throughout your website
and sharp across all other platforms.
Website Icons
Social Media Templates
Website & Social Media Banners
Website & Social Media Ads
AI Image Generation & Prompts
(I do not design or create websites, although I have colleagues who can help you.)
Labels and Signs
Eye-catching labels and signs create brand recognition
and act as long-lasting advertisements.
Label Design
Food Labels
Wine Labels
Swing Tags
Signage Design
Indoor Wall & Glass Vinyl Graphics
Outdoor Signage
Illustrated Signs
Vehicle Graphics/Wraps
I specialise in hand-drawn illustration, both on paper and digital.
Hand-Drawn Illustration

Vector Illustration
Character Design
Concept Design
Not sure how to get your business noticed?
I can brainstorm ideas for delightful visual morsels.
Creative Thinking
Project Management & Industry Contacts
Need more than graphic design? I work with contacts in Marketing,
Web Design, Production, and more. I can manage your project and assemble
all the elements so they work together in harmony.
Marketing Strategists
Filmmakers, Producers, and Directors
(Commercials & Longer Form Video)
Website / UX / UI Designers
Product / Industrial Designers
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